Welcome Message

Welcome to Copenhagen and to the World Congress on Nursing & Healthcare!!

The world is facing a 21st century challenged by climate change, global conflict, terrorism, overpopulation, and emerging infectious diseases to name but a few. The world's healthcare infrastructure must face those challenges and care for the populations that are afflicted by them. The key individuals in this mission are the nurses who constantly sacrifice themselves to maintain the health and well-being of their patients and communities. This conference will solidify the attendees knowledge base while expanding their education on new ideas, techniques, and concepts in healthcare.
Wishing you continued, successful careers.
Hope to see all soon at Copenhagen, Denmark.

Paul P. Rega
University of Toledo, USA

Dear Colleagues,

I am very excited to welcome you to the 2018 World Congress on Nursing and Healthcare. The theme of this year’s conference is to "Explore the role of Nursing in leading and fostering Global Health". I am honored to be your keynote speaker on Cardiovascular Precision Research being conducted in the United States by nurse scientists.

Health care is most certainly in a time of transition that is unlike any prior experience. The path to the future model of health care will certainly integrate tailored innovative personalized precision approaches to nursing care. This will include tailored interventions, "omics" based approaches and mHealth technology. This year’s conference aims to locate advances in health practice, management and education in relation to health disparities as well as a breadth of other topics. This congress will highlight clinical projects, education and research studies.
I look forward to seeing you in Denmark in 2018.

Kathleen T. Hickey
Professor of Nursing at Columbia University Medical Center, USA